11 Tips For Walking The Dog

If you thought that walking your dog was a straight forward exercise then here are 11 rules you should keep in mind when out and about with your best friend. 

Walking the dog, no matter the destination – on the city streets, in parks or in open spaces – it is necessary that he or she respects the disciplinary rules settled before and learned, to avoid getting into problems with other animals or people we meet.

Here are some typical situations you might meet and how to act when you encounter them. 

1) When we let the dog free, to relax, it is crucial that when it is called he or she return on the shortest way and as fast as possible.

2) In crowded places we will usually keep him/her on a leash, to always have him under control. So the dog will have to know how to walk in a leash, near your foot, without pulling. 

3) Your dog is not allowed to jump on people or animals met or to attack any of those, as long as he isn’t aggressed.

4) It shouldn’t run after bicycles, motorcycles, cars or people that are running. It is know that some dogs do that because of their hunting instincts.

5) Wherever our dog might be, he is not to be allowed to eat food given by someone else or food found thrown around.

6) At a picnic, the dog is not allowed to pass thought other people’s carpets or to eat their food.

7) Generally, small dogs are more spoiled than big dogs and they are more aggressive, anti-social and afraid of other people or dogs. The ones to blame are the owners that often amuse themselves when they see their dogs acting this way. This way the dogs get to barking and even biting their own owner.

8) The dog must have the initial training learned and practiced, so we would have no problems when walking him.

9) All through the walk, the dog is not to chew on his leash or to pull it with his teeth, because it might happen that he is tied somewhere alone and he will chew on it until he becomes free and gets lost.

10) The dog is not allowed to jump up and out his front paws on us or others even if he is just playing.

11) Pay attention to drunken people! Many times the smell, the walk and the yelling of drunken people annoy the dog. The dog is to loose his reality sense and his instincts and therefore they won’t pay attention to any of our advices. Some drunken people are even aggressive to dogs. Stay away from them as much as possible.

Keeping these tips in mind when next you're out walking your friend will ensure a better experience, for you, the dog and others you may happen to pass on the way.

Neil Smith has written extensively on life (and how to deal with it) including 3 non-fiction books and numerous blogs. To read how he went from zero to hero while solving a ghostly mystery CLICK HERE in his non-fiction book.